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Our Story

What We’re All About

STEAM On Learning Center was developed to provide a nurturing, supportive and safe educational environment for families, who need preschool and school-age care for their children. The STEAM focus, centers on project and play-based curriculum that provides high-quality hands-on learning experiences rich in science, technology, engineering, arts (drama, visual and media arts, music and dance ) and mathematics. There is an added emphasis on developing fundamental skills such as literacy and emergent writing along with the social and emotional skills essential for the development of the whole child. This holistic approach develops strong foundation in children for future success in life through meaningful learning experiences across disciplines. It fosters problem solving, creativity and innovative skills in children from a very young age. 

Each classroom is set up as a STEAM lab where children will have access to a host of STEAM focused toys, equipment and activities to gain hands on learning experience, explore, experiment, experience, discover and innovate.

children playing at sensory table

What Is Steam Education?

Steam education with its multidisciplinary focus and project-based learning emphasizes the use of science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics, and other interrelated knowledge to solve real problems. As children work with their peers to resolve real-life situations they learn to work as a team, communicate well with others, and adapt to situations, all necessary skills for future success in school and their careers.

Science Kit

Why Steam Education?

STEAM education enables children to gain knowledge and develop fundamental skills through hands-on learning activities, real-life situations, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities. It plays an integral role in improving student creativity, innovation, engagement, and problem-solving skills by engaging children in situations that appeal to their sense of curiosity and creativity.

Why Steam On Learning Center?

With the rapid global advancement in the field of science and technology, there is an increasing demand for advanced talent and innovative skills. At STEAM On Learning Center LLC, we believe that it is our job as educators to develop these skills in children by presenting them with real-life situations appealing to their natural inclination towards science and sense of curiosity and creativity. These rich learning experiences encourage children to explore, experiment, discover, brainstorm, and thus build their problem-solving and innovative abilities.

Boy Playing with Abacus

S.T.E.A.M Education

Girl with Binoculars


 Science promotes the understanding of the natural world, through exploration, experimentation and experience.

Child on Tablet


Technology promotes the development of scientific knowledge, through the use of digital and non-digital applications and encourages children to be independent and cooperative learners.

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Engineering promotes the development of basic skills in children into advanced skills for the future.

Boy Analyzing Circuit Board


Art promotes imagination, and creativity, preparing today's children to be innovators and creators for tomorrow.

Art Class


Math promotes logical, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills, by using experiential learning through real life experiences. 

A Good Story

What We Offer

  • Year-round program

  • Free VPK

  • Nutritious and healthy snacks/meals

  • We accept School Readiness vouchers

  • Emphasis on social-emotional development

  • Focus on STEAM education

  • Low teacher to children ratio

  • Safe and clean environment

  • Camps for school age children


Janan Al-Timimi says...

Congratulations! on your new daycare!! I highly recommend this place!! Mrs. Mahreen was my son's teacher, till this day he talks about her. Mrs Mahreen gave every child full attention and cared completely about their learning, comfort and safety. Don't hesitate to check it out, I am sure it is the best!!

Address: 2805 Philips Highway, Jacksonville, Florida, 32207

Phone Number: 904-551-4520 &  904-666-8621


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Children Ages 6 Wks to 5 Yrs 
Open: 7 am to 6 Pm

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